Feb 201509:00 BST

Understanding Deoffshorization

Find out more about deoffshorization!

Topics discussed included:

  • Might an international discretionary trust in which the settlor and beneficiary demonstrate that they do not influence profit distribution and have no rights to revoke assets after their transfer to the trust possibly escape from CFC rules?
  • How easy is it for Russians to give up their passports and/or residency status in Russia if they wish to avoid dealing with this issue?
  • Is the use of a Discretionary Trust an option for reducing the control below the CFC threshold?
  • How much profit does life insurance bring in regularly and for what offshore structure created, if we do not speak about creating funds for children?
  • And lots more!

Our panelists were:

  • Emily Yiolitis, Founding Partner, Harneys, Cyprus
  • Marina Warwick, Director and Founder of Alma Legal, Isle of Man
  • Sergey Bezborodov, Director, PwC, Switzerland
  • Maxim Shvidkiy, Managing Director, SHFM Overseas, Sweden
  • Nicky Gouder, Partner, Capstone Group, Malta
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