Oct 201609:00 BST

An Introduction to Country-by-Country Reporting & Other International Tax Issues in the Caribbean

Find out more about BEPS Action 13 as it is being implemented in the Caribbean and other international tax issues relevant to the region.

Question included:

  • Overall, what has been your jurisdiction’s experience with BEPS? Are the BEPS measures visible in the Caribbean?
  • What obstacles do you envision for your own jurisdiction when it comes to BEPS?
  • Are there any serious actions being taken by the State and/or Tax Authority on BEPS in your jurisdiction?
  • Which countries have adopted BEPS Action 13 and what have been some of the practical issues arising from that specific implementation?
  • And plenty more!

Our panelists were:

  • Aki Corsoni-Husain, Partner, Harneys, BVI & Cayman
  • John G. Rienstra, Chief US Tax Lawyer, IBFD, USA
  • Wayne Lovell, Partner, Tax Services, KPMG, Barbados
  • Angelique Bart, Partner, Hamel-Smith, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Priscilla Lachman, IBFD Regional Editor & Tax Consultant for the Caribbean with KPMG Meijburg Caribbean & Co., Suriname               
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