Dec 201607:00 BST

Understanding Brexit & Its International Tax Implications

Find out more about the international tax implications of Brexit.

Questions included:

  • Following Brexit, how can the UK broaden its horizons and become a great trading nation again?
  • How could the UK remain a world top investment destination in the wake of the Brexit? Would Brexit put you off investing in the UK or using UK companies as part of structures?
  • How will the British economy reshape itself following Brexit?
  • How will Brexit be practically realized?
  • And plenty more!

Our panelists were:

  • Luca Cerioni, Law Professor, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Steven Landes, Partner, S H Landes LLP Chartered Accountants, UK
  • Felix Bagilishya, Business Development & Marketing Director, Cobus Group, UK
  • Giancarlo Cervino, Director, Centre for International Fiscal Studies (CINFIS), Switzerland
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