Mar 201609:00 BST

An Introduction to Taxation in Latin America

An Introduction to Taxation in Latin America
In this webinar organized in collaboration with Pride Partners International, find out more about trending topics in Latin American taxation, including transfer pricing, the region's reaction to BEPS, CRS and FATCA, dwindling oil prices, exchange rate fluctuations, political instability and a whole lot more.

Questions covered included:

  • Which are the most important or trending tax topics in your country at this moment?
  • How easy is it for Latin American tax administrations to introduce new laws regarding global tax topics like money laundering, transfer pricing, and electronic invoicing and accounting, among others?
  • What are some of the main tax incentives available to foreign investors willing to move into your jurisdiction?
  • What are some of the more important Transfer Pricing (TP) issues being dealt with in Latin America? Are their new approaches to TP that Latin American countries have adopted?
  • And lots more!

Our panelists were:

  • Priscilla Lachman, IBFD Regional Editor & Tax Consultant for the Caribbean with KPMG Meijburg Caribbean & Co., Suriname
  • Pedro Palacios, Arteaga Palacios & Ortega, Venezuela
  • Ronaldo Apelbaum, Taxativa Consultoria de Negocios, Brazil
  • Adrian J. Romero, Grupo Consultor EFE, Mexico
  • Juan Cristobal Ortega, Carey y Cia, Chile

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