May 201607:00 BST

Understanding OECD's Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Understanding OECD's Common Reporting Standard (CRS)
Find out more about the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard (CRS) with special participation by the OECD itself!

Questions covered included:

  • Which countries seem to be furthest along in terms of implementing CRS? What are the reasons behind this?
  • How will the OECD ensure that CRS is implemented uniformly and consistently across all participating jurisdictions?
  • How does CRS guarantee that the information reported is protected?
  • Are there any concerns about how participating jurisdictions might potentially misuse the information obtained through automatic exchange?
  • And more!

Our panelists were:

  • Paul Hondius, Policy Advisor, OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, France
  • Eesh Aggarwal, Senior International Tax Specialist, Azure Consultants DMCC, Dubai
  • Stuart Gibson, Editor, Tax Notes International, USA
  • Samantha Snow, Client Services Manager, Abacus Corporate Services Ltd., Malta

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