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Self-Sabotage of the Business Person: Unconscious Causes & Strategic Remedies

Self-Sabotage of the Business Person: Unconscious Causes & Strategic Remedies
On Thursday, September 27th, we hosted an event looking at how psychotherapy can help the business world.

Everyone understands how external sabotage works but hardly anyone can imagine self-sabotaging their own business. How does this happen and why? What can be done to avoid such self-destructive behaviours?

Questions answered included:

  • Generally speaking, how can psychotherapy be applied to the business world?
  • How can we know whether or not we have a self-sabotaging habit? Even if we know, how can we persist in changing this tendency?
  • The communities we belong to certainly help shape our personality. If the external environment remains constant, how effective could psychotherapy be in re-shaping some of our personality traits?
  • And plenty more!

Our Psychotherapy & Business Expert

Benedetto De Francesco, Studio de Francesco, Rome, Italy

Benedetto De Francesco, Studio de Francesco, Rome, Italy

Benedetto De Francesco is a management and business consultant who works with entrepreneurs, business professionals and CEOs and helps them get the most out of their ideas and investments by avoiding decision-making errors.

Benedetto has an extensive and deep competence in various management areas and industries and understands that the individual’s unconscious is where every problem has its source but also its solution. Benedetto supports many entrepreneurs, professionals and top managers in better understanding themselves, their company, their organisation and their numbers, starting from that position to address their business intelligence in the correct manner.

Whenever taking decisions, the numbers may offer a hint but are not enough to understand the inner dynamic of a deal, an investment or a business relationship. Benedetto often says, “Your accounts are from yesterday and your projections are hypothetic. Your business is now and real, just like you, so start here.”

Benedetto graduated with a degree in business management at Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali (LUISS) "Guido Carli" in Rome and studied Psychology in Rome and St. Petersburg University where he eventually obtained a postgraduate degree in Management Psychology (Ontopsychology). Benedetto has also received the following certifications: Chartered Psychologist in 1994, Psychotherapist in 1999, Chartered Accountant and Tax Consultant in 2002, and Legal Auditor in 2003.

Do You Have Any Psychotherapy & Business Questions?

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