Apr 201507:00 BST

An Introduction to the 2015 Swiss Franc Crisis

An Introduction to the 2015 Swiss Franc Crisis
Find out more about the 2015 Swiss Franc crisis and its global ramifications.

Questions included:

  • What is the situation in Switzerland after the crisis?
  • How has it affected European countries and what are your predictions for future consequences?
  • After widespread concerns in Europe about deflation, prompted by the Swiss Franc crisis, how have central banks responded and how do you think they will cope in the future?
  • How has Switzerland's decision to suddenly ax its exchange rate cap in January harmed the reputation and credibility of the central bank?
  • And lots more!

Our panelists were:

  • Anastasia Sokolova, Eltoma Corporate Services, Russia
  • Predrag Baros, Baros Law Office, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Costas Katsaros, EmilianidesKatsaros LLC, Cyprus
  • Teresa Taylor, Akrivis Law Group PLLC, USA

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