Aug 201821:00 BST

Taxing & Regulating Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology: A Webinar

Taxing & Regulating Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology: A Webinar
On Thursday, August 30 at 10 a.m. London BST, we hosted a webinar that focused entirely on the regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Questions answered included:

  • What role do you see the Isle of Man playing in the regulation and taxation of cryptocurrency?
  • Which jurisdiction is home to the most crypto-friendly banks?
  • Which jurisdiction has the best regulation, taxation and banking solutions for cryptocurrencies?
  • Normally, cryptocurrencies are not backed up by assets. How would you persuade potential investors that investing in these currencies is not pure speculation?
  • Some ICOs focus on utility coins. How would you differentiate utility coins from other types of coins? Do you see a future for utility coins?
  • Cryptocurrencies are not very popular for governments in some jurisdictions. How could these governments be persuaded that these currencies would not undermine their authority to govern?
  • In terms of the question of territoriality, when you are selling a cryptoasset, where is it located? This is relevant for those tax residents in countries with the (semi) territorial systems of taxation like UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.
  • Are the receipts from selling a cryptoasset income or capital?

Our panelists:

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