Dec 201812:00 BST

An Overview of the US's S.877A Expatriation (Exit) Tax

An Overview of the US's S.877A Expatriation (Exit) Tax
Lined up for November, we had a special online seminar that provided you with an overview of the US's S.877A Expatriation (Exit) Tax.

In this webinar, our expert explained the mechanics of the Exit Tax and covered the following questions:
  • Which people renouncing their US citizenship are subject to the Exit Tax?
  • What exactly is a "covered expatriate" and how can you avoid becoming one?
  • Is the Exit Tax really a collection of four separate taxes? How do these separate taxes work?
  • Why is the Exit Tax particularly confiscatory when applied to non-US pensions?
  • What are the exact requirements that must be met in order for those renouncing US citizenship to effectively log out of the US tax system?
  • How does the US punish future beneficiaries if they receive gifts or bequests from people renouncing their US citizenship?
  • And plenty more!

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