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Taxation in the Times of COVID-19: A Webinar

Tax covid-19

We're excited to launch our next webinar, which will tackle the main issue afflicting us all—COVID-19.

As we all know by now, COVID-19 has beat up the world's economy, forcing countries to fight back by setting up a series of policies destined to support local businesses and help them weather this viral storm.

During this webinar, which will take place on Wednesday, May 20th at 14:00 London GMT, our distinguished panel of experts will talk about COVID-19's impact on the local and international tax world and some of the tax policies being implemented in their own jurisdictions to boost the local economy. Our speakers come from Israel, Brazil, the USA, Canada and Holland, so there should be plenty to say about this issue.

We'll also dedicate some time to how COVID-19 will change the way we do business from a professional development, networking and marketing perspective.

Join us for what's shaping up to be an insightful and exciting discussion on the hottest challenge these days!


Submit Your COVID-19 & Tax Questions

Some of the questions to be discussed by our four panelists include:

  • How has COVID-19 affected your jurisdiction's tax regime?
  • What sorts of tax breaks or benefits have been put in place as a result of COVID-19?
  • How have so-called Accidental Americans and US citizens living abroad been impacted by COVID-19 and its effect on US taxation?
  • How can financial service providers and lawyers best develop their business considering the current scenario?
  • How important will online marketing and video conferencing be moving forward?
  • And plenty more!

Do you have any additional questions for them? We're sure they'd be happy to tackle them!

If so, make sure to submit them below.


Our COVID-19 & Tax Panelists

John Richardson, Lawyer, Citizenship Solutions, Canada

John Richardson, Lawyer, Citizenship Solutions, Canada

John Richardson is a Toronto, Canada based lawyer. He provides advice and assistance for US citizens and Green card holders who do not reside in the United States. He specializes in US citizenship relinquishment, Green Card expatriation and assisting US persons with their compliance obligations. You can contact him on his website

Ronaldo Apelbaum, Tax Partner, APGI Advogados, Brazil

Ronaldo Apelbaum, Tax Partner, APGI Advogados, Brazil

Ronaldo has practiced for 20 years as consultant and tax manager in Brazil and Latin America for multinational companies such as KPMG, Banco Santander, Hewlett-Packard and Capgemini. He was appointed as Vice-President of the First Section of CARF/MF (the Finance Ministry's Administrative Council of Fiscal Resources) for the period of 2015 to 2017.

  Currently, he works as CEO of the law firm APGI Advogados and as a Substitute Judge at the Tax Court of the State of São Paulo. In 2018, he was recognized among the 100 best lawyers working in Brazil by the English publication Lawyer Monthly. Ronaldo graduated with a Masters in Tax Law from São Paulo University Law School (USP).

 Meori Ampeli, Tax Lawyer, Ampeli Tax Law Offices, Israel

Meori Ampeli, Tax Lawyer, Ampeli Tax Law Offices, Israel

Adv. Meori Ampeli is a member of the Israel Bar since 2005 and a certified public accountant and member of the Institute of CPAs since 2004. He's also a member of various Israel Bar and Institute of CPAs tax committees. He obtained his LL.B. in Law (2002), B.A. in Accounting (2001), and LL.M. in Commercial Law (2005) from Tel Aviv University.

Meori has submitted hundreds of professional legal opinions, tax objections and appeals in various tax fields. He has major experience and skill appearing before the tax authorities, filing applications and receiving pre-rulings, as well as in tax consultancy in international and Israeli taxation and Voluntary Disclosure Procedure. Furthermore, Meori assists many foreign residents, individuals and companies wishing to take part in the developed Israeli economy on how to better understand their specific tax benefits and risks in Israel.

Meori has authored hundreds of articles on tax matters in leading professional tax magazines and periodicals in Israel. He also regularly lectures in professional forums for lawyers, accountants, high-net-worth individuals, business people and tax consultants.

Adriana Belei, Online Marketing Manager, p.Xel Digital Agency, Holland

Adriana Belei, Online Marketing Manager, p.Xel Digital Agency, Holland

Adriana is a generalist marketer who specialises in marketing support for businesses in the legal sector. She provides help to small law firms and legal practitioners to communicate online with their clients and generate more leads from their online presence. Some of her main projects include building digital marketing strategies and implementing automation tools that help firms become more efficient and digitally fit.