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Nov 2020
14:00 UTC
Company Formation & Taxation in Serbia
Company Formation & Taxation in Serbia

Curious as to what it takes to open a company in Serbia and the many tax benefits involved?

Company Formation & Taxation in Serbia CPD

Join us on Wednesday, November 11 at 2 pm UK time for a webinar on company formation in Serbia and the many tax benefits available to investors and business in that jurisdiction. Learn here how to establish your business in the country and what it takes to navigate through this process.

Questions to be covered by our panelists include:

  • How does the process of setting up a company in Serbia work?
  • What are the main tax incentives of doing business in Serbia?
  • Besides the tax incentives, what are some of the other advantages to setting up your business in Serbia?
  • What sorts of accounting and tax obligations do companies have in Serbia?
  • And plenty more!

Submit Your Serbia-Themed Questions

As usual, if you have any specific questions for Radovan Lalin, the Serbian expert who will be leading this discussion, please make sure to submit them below.



Radovan Lalin, Partner, Lalin Law Office, Serbia

Radovan Lalin,


Lalin Law Office,


Radovan Lalin is the founder and partner at Lalin Law Office in Serbia. He deals with all areas of foreign investments, cross-border transactions, offshore companies, tax optimization, media and entertainment law, and mergers and acquisitions. He has trained and worked in Novi Sad (Serbia), Den Haag (Netherlands), London (UK), Limassol (Cyprus), New York (USA), Nassau (Bahamas) and Zurich (Switzerland). Furthermore, Radovan has authored many articles, including the book “Offshore Business – Where & How?” and spoken at many conferences on foreign investments and cross-border transactions. Radovan is a member of the Serbian Bar and Law Society (since 1986), Meritas Law Firms Worldwide (since 1996), the Centre for International Law Studies (CILS) (since 2005), the International Bar Association (since 2011), and the International Tax Planning Association (since 2011).

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