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Apr 2020
11:00 UTC
Compliance Challenges for Today’s Financial Service Provider
Webinar Compliance Challenges for Today’s Financial Service Provider

Learn here all about the main compliance challenges being faced by financial service providers throughout the globe.

Compliance requirements for the modern day financial service provider have been skyrocketing and practitioners working in this industry are facing multiple new challenges as a result. 

Join us for a spirited debate on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020, at 12 pm London BST where we'll discuss what are these main challenges and how firms are dealing with them.

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Some of the questions to be tackled by our expert include:

  • How has compliance changed during the past decade?
  • What are some of the most recent compliance challenges being faced by the modern financial service provider?
  • Are there any specific technologies that have helped firms comply more efficiently and quickly with all these burdensome regulations?
  • What are your main tips for firms on how to best tackle these compliance challenges?
  • How have companies effectively minimized their administrative compliance costs?
  • What do you foresee for the compliance world in the next 5 to 10 years?
  • And plenty more!

If you have any additional ones for Peter, please make sure to submit them below.



Peter Wilson, PB First Global Tax Advisers, Dubai

Dr. Peter A. Wilson,

International Tax Advisor,

PB First Global Tax Advisers,


Dr. Wilson is an Australian by birth, and has lived in Sydney, London, New York and now is a Dubai resident. During more than 36 years, he has advised a wide range of multinational clients on the international tax law applicable to their trading and investment activities as well as to their ownership. He has formal qualifications in taxation advising, chartered accounting and law and a PhD in ‘BRICS and International Tax Law’ from Queen Mary, University of London. For many years, Peter was an International Tax Partner of EY and later PwC and an Investment Banker at a major Japanese Financial Institution and now he runs the PB First Global Tax Advisors.

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