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Mar 2018
9:00 UTC
Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership Throughout the Globe
Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership Throughout the Globe

Our February webinar took place on Friday, March 9th at 10:00 am London GMT and covered what is being done throughout the globe in terms of disclosure of beneficial ownership and public registries.

Some of the main questions covered during our March 9th event included:

  • Which jurisdictions have established registries of beneficial ownership and how successful have they been in providing greater transparency?
  • Which jurisdictions are moving forward with the creation of registries of beneficial ownership? What sort of challenges have they met?
  • What is being done to ensure that those who make beneficial ownership declarations are held accountable should such disclosures prove to be false or misleading?
  • In Hong Kong, the registry of significant controllers is only available for inspection by law enforcement officers and not the public. Do you agree with this arrangement?
  • And plenty more!

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As usual, please make sure to submit your own questions below for our distinguished group of panelists.



Dr. Peter Wilson

Dr. Peter Wilson,

Global Tax Expert,

PB First Global Tax Advisors,

Dubai, UAE

Dr. Wilson is an Australian by birth, and has lived in Sydney, London, New York and now is a Dubai resident. During more than 36 years, he has advised a wide range of multinational clients on the international tax law applicable to their trading and investment activities as well as to their ownership. He has formal qualifications in taxation advising, chartered accounting and law and a PhD in ‘BRICS and International Tax Law’ from Queen Mary, University of London. For many years, Peter was an International Tax Partner of EY and later PwC and an Investment Banker at a major Japanese Financial Institution and now he runs the PB First Global Tax Advisors.

Nienke Palstra

Nienke Palstra,

Campaigner – Anti-Money Laundering,

Global Witness,

London, UK

Nienke is an adviser/campaigner in the Anti-Money Laundering team at Global Witness, an international advocacy organisation seeking to expose and break the links between natural resources corruption, conflict and other abuses. Nienke’s work has focused on anonymous shell companies and beneficial ownership transparency, particularly in the UK and as part of negotiations for the 4th and 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. She has previously worked with the Transparency International EU Office on anti-corruption related to EU external policies and money laundering, coordinating across an international network of national chapters. She has also held positions at Unicef UK and the Overseas Development Institute on international human rights and child protection issues. She has an MSc from the School of Oriental and African Studies and BA from Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

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