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Apr 2015
6:00 UTC
An Introduction to the 2015 Swiss Franc Crisis

Find out more about the 2015 Swiss Franc crisis and its global ramifications.

Questions included:

  • What is the situation in Switzerland after the crisis?
  • How has it affected European countries and what are your predictions for future consequences?
  • After widespread concerns in Europe about deflation, prompted by the Swiss Franc crisis, how have central banks responded and how do you think they will cope in the future?
  • How has Switzerland's decision to suddenly ax its exchange rate cap in January harmed the reputation and credibility of the central bank?
  • And lots more!

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Anastasia Sokolova

First we have Anastasia, from Eltoma Corporate Services in the Russian Federation. She practices various areas of business consulting, including taxation, corporate law, finance, banking, and financial market. During the live event, Anastasia will debate issues concerning the term ‘currency wars’ and competitive monetary easing. She will explain why the Swiss National Bank unpegged the franc and predict how this can hurt the economy. Furthermore, Anastasia would like to analyze the European crisis, the issue of ECB quantitative easing and discuss the future of the European Union.


Predrag Baros

Next, we have Predrag from Baros Law Office in BosniaHerzegovina. He practices various areas of law, including tax law, corporate law, finance, and banking.

When the first issues regarding Swiss franc emerged, Predrag instantly became interested in the topic since there was no prior practice in his jurisdiction in this regard.

Predrag would like to discuss with the other panelists future solutions for clients and to exchange ideas on how lawyers draft their claims.


Costas Katsaros

Next on the panel, we have Costas of Emilianides Katsaros LLC in Cyprus. Costas is a founding partner in the award winning legal firm, Emilianides Katsaros LLC, which is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. He is a licensed advocate in two different jurisdictions, Greece and Cyprus, and practices civil, commercial, corporate and business law. Costas participated in the Swiss Franc Conference with Predrag that took place in Cyprus on December, 2014 and commented on the Greek case law in the topic.

Costas is also a member of the network which was established after the Swiss Bank Conference with members from many European countries. As his firm deals with cases of Swiss loan borrowers and due to the crisis impact on the stability of the banking sector and the general economy in both Cyprus and Greece, Costas’ firm monitors closely all the recent developments.


Teresa Taylor

And from America, we have Teresa from Akrivis Law Group, PLLC. Teresa practices in the fields of US compliance, trade law, federal regulatory law, tax and white collar criminal and civil defense. Teresa works with banks and financial institutions often and her firm’s clients are global, several of which are manufacturers. Teresa will be offering us a US perspective on the Swiss franc crisis to broaden this beyond Europe and she will tell us how the crisis has affected America.

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