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Jul 2018
13:00 UTC
Samba, Futebol & Brazil's Tax System: A Webinar
Samba, Futebol & Brazil's Tax System: A Webinar

Our July webinar focused on everything that's trending in Brazilian taxation. This live event also served as an introduction for our members to Latin America's largest economy's tax system. Our webinar took place on Friday, July 20th at 14:00 London BST.

Some of the questions tackled by our panelists included:

  • What kinds of taxes apply to income and consumption?
  • How does Brazil handle the taxation of royalties & dividends?
  • What are some of the challenges of tax compliance in Brazil?
  • Have there been efforts made by the government to simplify Brazil's tax system?
  • Do you think Brazil has a high tax burden on companies operating there? If so, what's necessary for this burden to be reduced?
  • How is Brazil handling the implementation of OECD-led initiatives such as BEPS and the Common Reporting Standard?
  • And many more!

Any Follow-Up Questions on Brazilian Taxation?

If you have any follow-up questions for our panelists, please feel free to submit them below.



Ronaldo Apelbaum

Ronaldo Apelbaum,

Tax Partner,

APGI Advogados,

São Paulo, Brazil

Ronaldo has 20 years of experience in taxation management in Latin American countries with a focus on Brazilian business, corporate and payroll tax planning, litigation and compliance. He has worked for tax management and consulting teams in law offices and multinational companies such as Santander, Hewlett-Packard and Capgemini. He has also been a Lecturer in Tax Law at MBA courses and, since 2018, acts as a judge at São Paulo State Tax Courts.

Rogerio Leite Araujo

Rogerio Leite Araujo,

Tax Executive,

Arysta Life Science,

São Paulo, Brazil

Rogerio is a Tax Executive with more than 20 years of experience in tax management for multinational companies like General Electric, IBM, Elektro, Capgemini and Arysta. Currently, his scope of expertise and interests covers all Latin American countries, where he is responsible for: Tax Planning for Income Taxes; Indirect and Social Security Taxes; Transfer Pricing; Supply and Business Structures; Mergers and Acquisitions; Financing and Financing Structures; Tax Risk; Tax Procedures and Compliance Systems; Development of Internal Tax Departments and Shared Tax Services Centers; Fiscal Controversies, and; Tax Litigation.

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