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Jun 2020
8:00 UTC
Taxation in the Times of COVID-19: Part II
Taxation in the Times of COVID-19: Part II

Following the great success of our first webinar on taxation and COVID-19, we ran a second session this time focusing on European jurisdictions.

Taxation in the Times of COVID-19: Part II

COVID-19 has beat up the world’s economy and countries are now fighting back, setting up a series of policies destined to support local businesses and help them weather the storm.

During this webinar, which took place on Wednesday, June 24th at 9:00 am UK time, our distinguished panel of experts talked about COVID-19’s impact on Europe and some of the tax policies implemented in their own jurisdictions to boost the local economy. Countries covered included Italy, Cyprus, Portugal and more.

Some of the questions discussed by our panelists included:

  • How has COVID-19 affected your jurisdiction's tax regime?
  • What sorts of tax breaks or benefits have been put in place as a result of COVID-19?
  • How can financial service providers and lawyers best develop their business considering the current scenario?
  • How important will online marketing and video conferencing be moving forward?
  • And plenty more!

Feel free to submit any follow-up questions you might have below.



Dr. Luca Cerioni, Tax Consultant, Italy

Dr. Luca Cerioni,

Tax Consultant,


Dr. Luca Cerioni is a member of the Italian tax consultancy and chartered accountancy professional body (ODCEC), specialist in international & EU taxation at Studio di Consulenza Societaria e Tributaria Ciattaglia, and a member of the ODCEC research committee on "Digitalization, New Opportunities and Internationalization." Dr. Cerioni was also a lecturer in international tax law and EU tax law at the University of Edinburgh from 2015 to 2019. He is the author of 60 scientific publications in the areas of international taxation, comparative taxation, EU taxation, EU company law, corporate governance and CSR, as well as 60 professional publications in Wolters Kluwer Italy journals addressed to trade federations, chambers of commerce, professional organizations and multinational businesses.

Michalis Loucas, Managing Partner, Loucas and Loucas Auditors Ltd., Cyprus

Michalis Loucas,

Managing Partner,

Loucas and Loucas Auditors Ltd.,


Michalis Louca is a UK qualified auditor and tax consultant. He is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants of the UK (ACCA) and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC). After gaining his experience in the UK, he returned to Cyprus and set up his own firm Loucas & Loucas Auditors Ltd., ( where he serves as the managing partner. The firm's focus for more than 20 years is the international business segment and taxation. Besides providing audit and tax consultation services, the firm also provides accounting, VAT and payroll services to a variety of clients that include trading, consulting, manufacturing, construction, financial services, investment funds, legal services and venture capital companies.

Joao Gil Figueira Portugal

João Gil Figueira,

Managing Partner,

Gil Figueira & Deville Lima Advogados,


João Gil Figueira (JD, LLM, MMgt) is a Portuguese international tax lawyer, business consultant and lecturer who advises multinational firms and individuals regarding taxation, residency and asset protection in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries.

In addition to managing the firm’s tax department, he also provides counsel on other aspects of cross-border transactions, such as contracts, real estate, corporate finance and governance. He is experienced in providing comprehensive and well-rounded advice on living and investing in and from Portuguese-speaking jurisdictions.

Emmeline Bocherel

Emmeline Bocherel,

Tax Attorney,

Tax Suits You,


Emmeline Bocherel currently works as a tax attorney in a newly established tax law firm in Nantes, France.

She began her work in tax law in 2012 in Paris as a member of several multinationals and international tax law firms. For four years, she worked as part of the tax department at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Ivanhoe Cambridge Europe, the real estate European investment fund of the National Bank of Quebec, and Arsene Taxand, an international corporate tax law firm. She also held roles in M&A for middle-cap and CAC 40 companies and European real estate tax law for investment funds.

She recently moved to Nantes to learn more about tax litigation and dispute resolution, start working with more startups and SMEs, and help set up a new law firm operating exclusively within the tax sector.

Her clients include startups and SMEs, as well as Breton, Chinese and Japanese groups with cross-border tax issues and US residents. Furthermore, she works pro bono to help local social, artistic and educative organisations, and is a point of contact in Brittany for issues related to cryptocurrency, international and cross-border taxation, and asset optimization.

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