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Oct 2019
10:00 UTC
Taxlinked SEZ Series: The Emirates
The Emirates

This is part one of Taxlinked’s webinar series on Special Economic Zones, focusing exclusively on the Emirates.

With their own business and trade laws, Special Economic Zones (SEZs) within jurisdictions offer plenty of financial advantages to companies that decide to set up there. This webinar will take a look at how SEZs in the Emirates operate, their main advantages and disadvantages when attracting FDI, and other issues related to their management.


Dr. Peter Wilson, PB First Global Tax Advisors, Dubai, UAE

Dr. Peter Wilson,

PB First Global Tax Advisors,

Dubai, UAE

Dr. Wilson is an Australian by birth, and has lived in Sydney, London, New York and now is a Dubai resident. During more than 36 years, he has advised a wide range of multinational clients on the international tax law applicable to their trading and investment activities as well as to their ownership. He has formal qualifications in taxation advising, chartered accounting and law and a PhD in ‘BRICS and International Tax Law’ from Queen Mary, University of London. For many years, Peter was an International Tax Partner of EY and later PwC and an Investment Banker at a major Japanese Financial Institution and now he runs the PB First Global Tax Advisors.

  • Representative from Ras Al Khaim

  • Representative from FEMOZA

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