Amond & Smith Ltd

Kyiv, Ukraine
Number of Offices 1
Expert Count 10
Contact Info
Address Shovkovichna Str.10, ofice 17

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Areas of Practice
  • Tax Planning
  • Corporate Law
  • Audit and Accounting

Amond & Smith Ltd is a law firm which specialises in international tax planning and asset protection. We offer clients assistance with all aspects of formation and administration of taxable foreign companies as well as offshore companies, including the provision of nominee directors, shareholders and opening of bank accounts.

Our services include:

  • Registration of new companies in any jurisdiction - Europe, Asia or offshore - for expansion of international business and legal tax mitigation.
  • Assistance in opening and operation of bank accounts worldwide, primarily in Europe.
  • International tax planning, i.e. tax mitigation by utilizing the tax laws of various jurisdictions, offering significant tax benefits.
  • Asset protection, including protection of your business from hostile takeovers by way of offshore trusts and funds, ensuring the maximum level of confidentiality in regard to the company owners.
  • Formation of international holdings, structuring of international capital and investment schemes, use of double-tax treaties.

Amond & Smith Ltd established business cooperation with many law firms and has its own agents in several countries around the world. We strive to provide high quality services at reasonable prices.

We have contacts with banks in many different countries which enable us to help you to choose a bank that will best meet your requirements, and to assist in opening personal and corporate accounts for you and your business.

Kyiv Ukraine
Shovkovichna Str.10, ofice 17
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