Portuguese Private Copy Levy

23 August 2014
João Gil Figueira
Tax Partner at GFDL Managing Partner

The Portuguese Government intends to go forward with the taxation of a number of household gadgets in Portugal. 

External hard drives, pen drives, printers, cell phones, tablets, set-top boxes, audio recorders, video recorders and even CDs and DVDs will all be liable to additional taxation.

The reasoning behind the new levy is unrelated to the nature of such items as luxury goods. Rather, the new tax only aims at protecting authors and artists from the consumer-pirate.

According to the Government, tax shall be levied on the price of each item prior to Value Added Tax. The Government did not disclose the precise tax amount per item, but it’s expected for the gadgets to be taxed at 15 to 25 cents per Gigabyte – the precise amount varying according to the type of device.

Read the full article at http://www.lugna.pt/c%C3%B3pia-privada-portuguese-private-copy-levy.