IOMA Group

Douglas, Isle of Man
Number of Offices 1
Expert Count 30
Company Size 10 - 100

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Areas of Practice
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Other Consultancy
Life assurance continues to be a mainstay of our business: We have the appetite, the people and the systems to build solutions that deliver excellent results. By using life assurance as an effective wealth management tool, we help our clients create international holding solutions that assist succession planning manage tax and inheritance planning efficiently preserve and enhance wealth We relish challenges. Working with clients, advisers and alliance partners, we set out to create products around specific needs. Whether we are creating a new type of product or designing a one-off structure, we apply high levels of skill and care to the task. Because of the way we work, the products we design appeal to international investors from different countries and jurisdictions.
Douglas Island of Man
Ioma House
Isle of Man
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