Chinese Group considers Portugal the best country in Europe to invest

30 June 2015
Cláudia Vasconcelos
NEWCO Corporate Services Head of Business Development

Guo Guangchang, CEO of the largest private Chinese conglomerate, FOSUN Group, has considered Portugal as the best country in Europe for investment purposes. Fosun Group has already acquired some Portuguese companies and is now one of the bidders for Novo Banco, but their interest is not restricted to the financial services area. “We are paying attention to all sort of opportunities” said Guo Guangchang, referring himself to what the group calls the “happiness and lifestyle” sector, which includes companies in tourism, fashion, leisure and entertainment.

However, Fosun’s interest is not restricted to investments in Portugal. “Portugal has become a gateway into Europe, and it welcomes the Chinese investors very well”, said Fosun’s CEO. Furthermore, “the costs in Lisbon are not as high as the ones in other European cities”, he added.

In fact, Portugal offers several advantages for the structuring of international groups, other than the ones mentioned by Guo Guangchang . In addition to welcoming foreign investors and boosting competitive operational costs, it grants through the International Business Centre of Madeira a highly attractive tax regime, approved by the European Commission, which guarantees a 5% corporate income tax rate until the end of 2027, among other benefits:

  • Withholding tax exemption on the payment of dividends, royalties, services and interest
  • Tax credit for International Double Taxation, both legal and economic
  • Capital gains tax exemption from the sale of shares in Madeira companies and on the sale of subsidiary companies (under some conditions)
  • 80% reduction on the rates of Stamp duty, Real Estate Transfer Tax (IMT), Municipal Property Tax (IMI), regional and municipal surcharge
  • Attractive residence programme for non-EU citizens
  • Attractive tax regime for individuals (non-habitual residents)

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