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O2 Consulting is a boutique law firm providing Russian and foreign legal, tax and corporate finance advice. Our long-standing partnerships with law and accounting firms and tax advisors throughout the world allow us to coordinate legal representation in the UK, US, EU and other jurisdictions. In our practice we focus on cross-border M&A deals as well as domestic and international investments. Our structure enables us to quickly form teams that include Russian and international lawyers, tax and corporate finance experts. O2 Consulting clients thus have access to a unique full-range services synergy from a single team and on a short notice.
Presnenskaya nab. 6 build.2, Imperia Tower, office 48.11, 123317, Moscow, Russia
Russian Federation
Phone 1: +7 (495) 653-8300
Email: info@o2consult.com
Utoquai 55, 8008, Zurich, Switzerland
Phone 1: +7 (495) 653-8300
Email: info@o2consult.com
Vlad Burilov from O2 Consulting shared an update

Dear colleagues interested in international corporate taxation and willing to participate in a research project of mine powered by Tilburg University.

The project amounts to one single question: "Would you call a particular situation - tax avoidance"? 

What is tax avoidance for you?
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