BEPS and GST Conference- 2nd September 2016 - Hilton, Mumbai

10 August 2016
Sangesh Sase
TransPrice Tax Advisors LLP Manager - Finance & Accounts
BEPS and GST Conference -  2016
2nd September 2016 
Hilton, Mumbai International Airport
Nothing in this world is constant, not even the laws. With the change in business dynamics, it is a need of the hour for the administrations to re-look at the well established direct and in-direct tax laws. While the direct tax challenges of tax avoidance are being addressed at a global level through suggestion of BEPS Action points by the OECD for which India is committed, on the other hand, the country is transforming its taxation system by adoption of single country - single tax of GST. 
Therefore, to present a perspective of both the structures, TransPrice is organizing an conference on BEPS and GST together, where one can get a holistic view of the impact that these reforms could have on their businesses.
When: 2 September 2016 (9 AM- 6 PM)
Where: Hilton, Mumbai International Airport
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