Virginia La Torre Jeker

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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I am a US tax attorney in Dubai with over 30 years experience. I created Cordoba Management Consultancy Company LLC in the United Arab Emirates. The focus of my practice involves US tax issues for foreign investors in the US property or general investment market; pre-immigration tax planning for those considering US green cards or citizenship; tax and State Department issues for those giving up US citizenship or long-term green cards; tax issues for Americans living and working overseas, tax and FBAR noncompliance matters, FATCA and offshore account issues including IRS Voluntary Disclosure and Streamlined initiatives; “Controlled Foreign Corporations” and “Passive Foreign Investment Companies”; trust and estate tax issues for high net worth individuals; general income, gift and estate tax planning; and US and international taxation planning especially for expatriates and multi-national clients. 

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Dubai United Arab Emirates
Dubai Investment Park
PO Box: PO BOX 474266
United Arab Emirates
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18:06 23 June 2017

Nina Olsen, Tenacious Bulldog, Speaks Out on Passport Revocation for Tax Debt Ms. Olsen just posted 2 fabulous articles on the Taxpayer Assistance Services (TAS) Blog dealing with passport revocation for certain tax debt. The posts are full of valuable information.

12:14 21 May 2017

Foreign Trusts, Tax and Information Reporting – It’s Complicated! When US persons are in any way involved in foreign (i.e., non-US) trusts, US tax filing & reporting requirements come into play. If missed, shocking penalties can result. The filing requirements are applicable in different circumstances, for example, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) arrangements.

10:20 11 April 2017

IRS Budget on the Chopping Block – Taxpayers Must Prepare for Greater IRS Aggression With budget cuts on the way, IRS is prepared with a new and more efficient audit strategy. Be prepared. Taxpayers who are serving as nominees especially need to be ready.

04:50 23 February 2017

Treasury Refuses to Simplify FFI FATCA Reporting for Americans Abroad Last month Treasury slammed the door on a proposal to the FATCA regulations that would help alleviate the “lock-out” of US persons from maintaining accounts at foreign banks and institutions. But the fight continues with renewed vigor.

13:19 16 February 2017

Starting Next Month: Your US Passport Denied or Revoked for Tax Debt The IRS is moving forward with implementation of the new rules in phases with enforcement to begin "in early 2017". I understand implementation begins next month. Given the seriousness of not having a passport, it appears that IRS is trying to give those at risk an opportunity to correct their tax situation before the sword drops.

06:17 03 February 2017

URGENT – Clarification of EO for Dual Nationals and Green Card Holders Get the latest information on President Trump’s travel ban. Customs and Border Patrol now has a website full of Q&As providing valuable information. Some Q&A’s addressed in my blog post, include important items for green card holders and dual nationals.

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