Facts to Know If You Want to File Personal Injury Case in Georgia

04 January 2019
Macon, GA - Personal Injury cases in Georgia have represented a large portion of all lawsuits lodged by either a company or an individual. Such cases happen every single day in this state. But, with years pursuing and winning the cases become more and more difficult. Most of the plaintiffs are unaware whether their injuries are worth pursuing for? The short answer to this question will be to talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

But, to begin with you have to be familiar with Georgia’s rules and regulations to file a lawsuit and try to obtain compensation for the losses. The best Georgia personal injury attorney can tell about the rules and regulations, what you may have to face to prove your case and how much you need to invest for that. The lawyer can also help to provide a rough estimate about the amount of claim that can be recovered from your case of personal injury. However, there are five critical facts associated with personal injury claims in Georgia,

This will provide a background on lawsuits and settlements and help you to commence claim process in right direction:

Time limit to file your claim

From the time of your accident until two years, you can file personal injury claim. Though, you have ample time it is always advisable to file the lawsuit just after any accident happens. It become much easier to accumulate evidences

Different types of cases

Personal injury cases are much more than just car accidents. It can be because of medical malpractices, slips and falls, dangerous drugs, product liability, defamation and much more. The lawyer is the best person to suggest if yours is a case of personal injury.

Insurance companies will offer settlement

Most of the time insurance companies offer settlements to the victims shortly after accidents. Always remember they have enough experience in this area, and they will offer the injured person the lowest possible settlement. It will be a mistake to accept any offer before the victim realizes the expenses related with the accident. 

Every details matter

It is the job of the attorney to find out even the tiniest detail related with the case. The lawyer usually gathers and investigates all documents, medical information and speaks with witnesses. 

Settlement outside court

Usually people want to avoid trials and personal injury cases are settled outside court. An agreement is reached between attorney and the opposing party’s insurance company. If the settlement does not work out a lawsuit is filed. Before, trial starts mediation or informal proceeding is tried to make agreement among the parties.