Spotlight Special: Our Panel's Moderator on Beneficial Ownership!

23 June 2015
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TL: How did you get into your practice field?
GN: My first position was as a barrister’s clerk, managing the barristers’ chambers. So it came naturally to me to train to become a barrister. However, soon after qualifying, I found my first position as an in-house legal counsel for a multi-national tech company, which has steered me away from working as a traditional barrister or court advocate.
TL: What do you consider your greatest professional achievement so far?
GN: Setting up Acumum Legal & Advisory, a private law practice, after a 13-year career as in-house counsel. Moving from being employed to running a firm has necessitated a change in the way I work.
TL: Beneficial ownership and transparency is a hot topic. Is there anything in particular about this topic that interests you?
GN: What will be decided at EU / OECD level will be fundamental to Acumum's tax practice and beyond, as a main reason why individuals and corporations structure through Malta involves tax benefits.  
TL: Are there any questions you would like to ask your fellow “Beneficial Ownership & Transparency” panelists during the live event?
GN: What do you think the effect will be on your jurisdiction?
TL: What specific issues regarding beneficial ownership and transparency are you planning on discussing during the live event? Are there any particular aspects you are hoping to analyse further?
GN: The format of any register and who has access to the same.
TL: Are there any other hot topics you would like TaxLinked to address in a future live event?
GN: Financial services.
TL: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself – it could be anything you want to share with the community!
GN: My two dogs weigh 70kgs!