Spotlight Special: Divya Ramaswamy on BEPS!

10 November 2015
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TL: How did you get into your practice field?

DR: After nearly 10 years in tax and accounting, I decided I wanted a new challenge. Technology has always interested me and being a Taxologist at Thomson Reuters gives me a great opportunity to apply my technical expertise to my technology interests.

TL: What do you consider your greatest professional achievement so far?

DR: It’s hard to pick a single event. Any occasion where a client is delighted or has had their expectations exceeded as a result of my work is a big professional achievement for me.

TL: BEPS is a hot topic. Is there anything in particular about this topic that interests you?

DR: Given my transfer pricing background, all the transfer pricing Actions interest me. However, when wearing my Taxologist hat, aspects around data challenges such as collection, reporting and analytics that are to me an integral part of the BEPS implementation phase are areas that interest me.

TL: Are there any questions you would like to ask your fellow BEPS panelists during the live event?

DR: There has been a lot of focus on the technical aspects of BEPS and the changes required to corporate structures as a result. It will be interesting to understand which of the BEPS Actions the panellists believe places the biggest compliance challenge for multinationals and why.

TL: What specific issues regarding BEPS are you planning on discussing during the live event? Are there any particular aspects you are hoping to analyse further?

DR: I will probably focus on the country-by-country reporting aspects of Action 13 as this is the aspect I have followed with greatest interest.  It’s also an area where Thomson Reuters has introduced a new technology solution to help clients manage this potentially challenging compliance process.

TL: Are there any other hot topics you would like Taxlinked to address in a future live event?

DR: A tax technology focussed event may be of interest to Taxlinked members. There are a number of areas of tax and accounting where technology solutions can free up significant time for members and allow them to shift focus from routine compliance activities to more value-adding or professional development activities.

TL: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself – it could be anything you want to share with the community!

DR: I am a trained classical dancer and last year I got an opportunity to perform before 10,000 plus colleagues in the O2 arena!