Bosnia on the Swiss franc crisis!

07 April 2015
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TL: How did you first get into your practice area field?
PB: These are completely new types of legal disputes in Bosnia, we do not have any practice regarding to this topic, so when I heard of this problem with Swiss Franc loans, I tried to help loan beneficiaries who are affected by this loan product.
TL: What do you consider your biggest professional achievement to date?
PB: First instance court made decision in favor of my client, completely accepted our claim and annulled all harmful consequences of this loan product; it is a big achievement in this new matter.
TL: What are your thoughts on TaxLinked’s Swiss franc live event?
PB: The Swiss Franc live event is nice opportunity to exchange experiences with other colleagues about current consequences in Europe and other countries.
TL: What specific issues regarding the Swiss franc crisis did you cover during the live event? Are there any particular aspects you are hoping to analyse further?
PB: I mentioned different problems in Bosnia regarding this question, and introduced myself to the experiences of my colleagues in this area.
TL: During taxlinked’s live panel event, you have discussed the Swiss franc crisis with the rest of the panelists and our community members. Besides this topic, are there any other hot topics you would like taxlinked to address in the future?
PB: I will think about that.
TL: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself – it could be anything!
PB: I’m a hardworking lawyer, active in couple of sports.