Spotlight Special: Swiss Franc Panelist!

24 March 2015
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TL: How did you first get into your practice area field?
AS: After 8 years of university and two degrees (BA and MA in international economics and business), I started my career as a financial analyst and accountant. I have 7 years of work experience in the financial market as a share analyst, experienced TV business commentator, radio presenter and financial journalist. My field of interest is micro and macroeconomic research.
TL: What do you consider your biggest professional achievement to date?
AS: To be honest, I am sure that every achievement is important. Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. 
TL: What are your thoughts on Taxlinked’s Swiss franc live event?
AS: I am very excited to discuss this topic.  Actually, I am sure that no one was supposed to lose this much money on Swiss francs.

TL: Precisely what issues regarding the Swiss franc crisis are you planning to discuss during the live event? Are there any particular aspects you are hoping to analyse further?

AS: It's obvious that fear of deflation have induced almost all the major central banks to adopt aggressive monetary easing and start weakening their currencies.

During the live event I am willing to debate issues concerning the term “currency wars” and “competitive monetary easing.” I will try to explain why the Swiss National bank unpegged the franc and anticipate how the SNB’s decision can hurt the Swiss economy.

Furthermore, I hope to analyse the European crisis, the issue of ECB Quantitative easing, and discuss the future of the European Union.

TL: During Taxlinked’s live panel event, you will be discussing the Swiss franc crisis with the rest of the panelists and our community members. Besides this topic, are there any other hot topics you would like Taxlinked to address in the future?
AS: Quantitative easing in euro zone, Greek crisis, future of EU, one year of EU and USA sanctions against Russia,  international trends in taxation.
TL: Tell us an interesting fact about yourself – it could be anything!
AS: I play the violin.