Eddie Rashkovan

Areas of practice

  • Tax Planning
  • Corporate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Company Formation

I can help with

My name is Eddie Rashkovan and I am a tax attorney at Ampeli Tax Law Offices, an Israeli tax law firm which specializes in various aspects of Israeli civil taxation, including income tax, international taxation, corporate tax, capital gains tax, Value Added Tax, various real estate taxes, and more.

We are accompanying our clients through all stages of their transactions (local Israeli or international), commencing with pre-transaction tax planning, and followed by supporting Legal Opinion (in writing), and/or holding discussions with the Israeli Tax Authority, in order to obtain their pre-ruling statement. 

We are specializing in all tax aspects relating to relocation of individuals from and to Israel. In addition, we are well experienced in the following topics: M&A transactions, formation of trusts, ongoing tax advice for "high- net–worth" individuals, Employee benefits, stock options ("ESOP") new Israeli immigrants  and returning Israeli residents.

Eddie's Activities