John Kavanagh

UK Tax Consulting Limited United Kingdom

About John

I am a Chartered Tax Adviser with 33 years of experience of advising on UK and international tax issues.

Areas of practice

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Law
  • Wealth Management
  • Other Consultancy

I am interested in the following jurisdictions

  • Cyprus
  • Guernsey and Alderney
  • Jersey
  • Malta
  • United Kingdom

I can help with

All aspects of UK and international tax planning and dispute resolution. I have 33 years of experience in tax, gained in a variety of organisations, including a Big 4 and a Top 20 firm, HMRC and specialist tax boutiques based in the City of London.

John's Activities

John Kavanagh from UK Tax Consulting Limited shared a publication
As the newspaper column inches and TV and radio schedules fill with claim and counterclaim about the benefits and disadvantages of leaving or remaining in the EU, UK Tax Consulting Limited takes a look at Brexit’s UK tax implications.