Kalin Nikolov

General Manager at Axis Vigora Bulgaria

About Kalin

I have versatile 15+ year experience related to project and finance management roles with large multinational companies across differents industries. Since July 2013 I have been developing my own management consulting practice, focusing on internal audit and business process optimization. My professional assignments involve implementation and customization of various ERP packages and data management solutions with strong emphasis on client-end usability, interfacing features and process enhancement.

Areas of practice

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Law
  • Audit and Accounting
  • Wealth Management
  • Other Consultancy

I can help with

strategic planning, internal audit and business process optimization. 

For detailed information kindly visit www.axisvigora.com


For detailed information kindly visit my profile at https://bg.linkedin.com/in/kalinnikolov


  • Bulgarian - Bulgaria
  • English - United Kingdom
  • English - United States
  • French - France
  • Italian - Italy
  • Russian - Russia