Madhavan Narasimhan

Areas of practice

  • Tax Law
  • Audit and Accounting


International Taxation

International tax rules and regulations are becoming more complex in today’s global economy. 
Tax incidence is an issue that has to be addressed in any transaction.
 All in-bound and out-bound transactions have a tax incidence. Keeping abreast with the developments in the international arena especially as regards characterization of 
income, interpretation of permanent establishment

 Study of the agreements and transactions from the International Taxation perspective and tax planning. 

Transfer Pricing
DTAA interpretation and case law evaluation.

Assistance in Preparation of cost records for Cost Audit in line with Mandatory Cost accounting Standards as prescribed by ICAI ( Institute of Cost Accountants of India) and thereafter review of Cost sheets

I am interested in the following jurisdictions

  • Ghana
  • India
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa

I can help with

Iam based in Pune , India My areas of practice, Non resident taxation, VAT, Corporate taxation, Audit

Education / Training

BCOM  FCA  ( Chartered Accountant)  LLB , ACS ( Chartered Secretary)


Key Deliverables

Tax Optimisation and fair reporting on taxes to management

Generating a Tax Exposure Report on a monthly basis with analysis of changes in exposure and reasons with a risk matrix

Making a assessment for provisions to be made both actual and contingent so that company's financial impact on books is minimal

Proactive approach on issues based on current provisions on tax law based on current judicial interpretation on key issues of tax law

Presentations to management on all changes in taxation law with implications.

Finalisation of Accounts,  Statutory audit including quarterly review , Computation of Income, Tax Audit  and VAT Audit Finalisation of Income  Tax Assessments , Attending at ITAT, Tax Planning Handled Takeover of Unit under Slump sale, ( including due diligence), Taxation of Merged company including carryforward of losses under section 72A.  From time to time advising purchase team on Cost efficient purchases after considering all tax impacts.

Procurement of finance form term lending institutions ICICI, for term loans and other innovative instruments for both short term and long term funds.

Prepared a receivable module covering the entire 17 accounting locations and designed the system for Receivable  management  from collection of cheque, deposit and pooling it at a central location with assistance of HDFC Bank

Security creation for all properties of the Company

Company Law Matters


  • English - United Kingdom
  • English - United States