Mikhail Yegorov

Partner at Fidutrust Formations Ireland

About Mikhail

Fidutrust Formation Ltd provides premier onshore and offshore solutions to an international client base, delivered by an experienced and technically competent team of multi-disciplined and multi-lingual professionals. Whether an investment portfolio, trading company, real property, a luxury yacht or business jet, we can establish an effective trust, company or fund structure tailored to the needs of our clients and offer associated administration services and back office support at a level they require.

In a fast evolving world it is important for us to be proactive. We are committed to finding new ways in which we can assist clients through the development and provision of new solutions and keeping pace with change and ever more sophisticated tax planning.

We set ourselves apart from other providers through comprehensive understanding of the planning behind each structure to ensure it is the optimum solution in each instance. We then apply this depth of knowledge, understanding and expertise to ensure that the services we provide meet the objectives of each individual client and their respective individual planning needs.

Areas of practice

  • Corporate Law
  • Fiduciary and Trustee
  • Wealth Management
  • Banking
  • Company Formation
  • Other Consultancy



I can help with

Corporate - Developing and establishing a diverse range of effective corporate structures in Ireland and Switzerland 

Banking - Execution and management of the full range of banking products: opening multicurrency current and investment accounts, global payment services, crypto-currency accounts, foreign exchange, hedging solutions, credit/debit cards, collateralised loan facility financing services.

Wealth Management - Protecting interests of institutional and private clients through the diversification of risks with the best in class asset engineering and management strategies focused on a solid strategic asset allocation, disciplined portfolio implementation, controlled risk taking and ongoing portfolio monitoring.