Inamullah Ansari

Family Inclusive Intervention In Lieu Of Conviction & Structured Counseling For Change Tutorpreneur | Adjunct Faculty Correspondent | Roaming Ambassador | Back Channel Diplomat | Attorney @ Law at PAK & UAE Lawyers | Mental Health Pakistan. United Arab Emirates

About Inamullah

An Industrious Man Of An Even Temper Every Now & Then Maintaining 26 Years Of Academic Brilliance & Learning Avenues Experiences That Includes But Not Limited To Optimizing Brains Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence.

Areas of practice

  • Tax Planning
  • Corporate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Fiduciary and Trustee
  • Audit and Accounting
  • Wealth Management
  • Banking
  • Company Formation
  • Other Consultancy


We provide a wide range of activities meeting the needs of the legal market. Our area of Principled Advice, Practical Solutions & Practices includes: 
Constitutional / Writ Petitions in all the matters relating to Corporate Law, Civil and other cases, matters & issues of general public importance / Traffic / Family laws / Labor / Tenancy / Aviation / Damages Suits / Property / Taxation & Revenue / Contract / Business / Corporate / Insurance / Arbitration & Mediation / Inheritance  / Conveyance / Environmental / Service & Employment / Commercial Companies / Customs / Shipping Law & Cargo Claims / Legal issues in freight forwarding global logistics to inform & assist including the Risk Management, Legal Index, Arbitration and Mediation Services! 

However, the list is far from static we are constantly developing areas in the business world like: 
International Trade / Foreign Investment / Mergers & Acquisitions / Insurance & Reinsurance / Dairy and Agriculture / Construction & Engineering / E—Commerce & Internet / M—Commerce / Human Capital Services / Criminal litigation (especially for Corporate Clients or their Managers).

I am interested in the following jurisdictions

  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • United Arab Emirates

I can help with

Draft legal opinions on all contractual matters. 
Responsible for endorsing the reviewed agreements; 
Liaise with Tax & Customs authorities as and when required; 
• Draft and respond to legal notices and also prepare other legal documents. 
• Draft written statements/Para-wise comments/applications etc. for courts related documents in litigious matters; 
• Conduct a thorough analysis of ownership documents of franchisees all over Pakistan (which includes sale deeds, affidavits, and undertakings in a way that discrepancies with the law are removed thereby lessening the burden of litigation relating to franchises). 
• Review draft various Agreements, MOU, financing documents; inter alia, Commercial Agreements, Service Agreements, Lease Agreements, Contractual Employment Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Supply Agreements, MoUs, NDAs, Bank Guarantees, Addendums, Amendments, LOIs, LCs, Supplements, Purchase Orders, Undertakings, Affidavits and other documents received mainly from Marketing, Procurement including Technical Procurement, Sales/CS, OSM, Technical Logistics, HR/Admin (sensitive docs. like suspension/termination letters etc.) and Security departments. 

Education / Training

PAK & UAE Lawyers & Mental Health Pakistan serving Ultra-High Net Worth Families, used to engage Directly with Families Seeking to Protect & Pass On their Education, Health & Wealth While Providing the Support and Control they need to manage their matters.

PAK & UAE Lawyers | Mental Health Pakistan aims for social improvement through the education with their visionary efforts, KFF not only provides better education opportunities but also helps improve the quality of life multifold.

We advise ensuring an extension of special assistance and due care extended maximum assistance and priority to Senior Citizens, disabled and handicapped persons in using their genuine needs as far as possible in meeting their Legal requirements too to alleviate their hardship.


August 10, 1997 to November 15, 2003 Associate of Justice (R) Syed Haider Ali Pirzada, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan; alongside, soled lawful polished Attorney too with entire professional skills & led from the front for all proceedings in Judicatories. 

Our obligatory legal & compliance witty adjuncts are always ready to move in for: 
Federal Service Tribunals / Banking / Customs / Excise / Income or Sales Tax / Revenue / Shipping / Insurance / Environmental / Rent / Family / Immigration Cases / Industrial labor laws / Statutory corporate filings / Corporate taxation / Intellectual property rights / Real estate tax liens / Succession & inheritance assets matters / Arbitration of real estate & Property issues / Registration of urban / rural landed properties from DHA, Military estates & Cantonments / Clearance of title deeds & Transfer from the records /  Adjudication proceedings & Appeals / Preparation of books of accounts & Record keeping of Income / Sales tax / Refund from sales tax / Appellate tribunals & High court appeals / Contract drafting / Service agreements / Claim settlements & Negotiations /  Preparation of legal opinions / Securities & Exchange commission / Registrar joint stock & modaraba companies.


  • Urdu - Pakistan
  • Arabic - United Arab Emirates
  • English - United States