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Rob Fitzpatrick is a senior tax lawyer with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Department of Treasury.  He has provided advice & guidance to congressional offices as well as drafted tax legislation since 1987. While just starting out within IRS Chief Counsel he worked extensively on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights during the latter part of the Reagan Administration and the early part of the first Bush Administration.  Later in his career, he provided policy & drafting advice to Senate Leadership and the Clinton Administration during the Restructuring of IRS in 1998. He was an Acting Special Counsel to the IRS Chief Counsel in 1999 and he served as the Acting Chief of Staff for the IRS Oversight Board during its first organizational meetings in 2001.  From 2008 through 2012,while with the US Senate, he played a pivotal role in developing legislation to promote recovery during the economic and financial crisis that hit the United States.  Most recently, he has served as a Special Counsel with IRS within Finance & Management working on Budget, Human Resource & Information Technology Issues.  During 2017 he had a special assignment with Large Business & International Division drafting advisory opinions covering a wide range of large dollar controversy matters involving the Research Tax Credit, Interest on Deferred Gains, TEFRA adjustments, LIFO Inventory Method, and a significant multi year net operating loss that required Joint Committee on Taxation review and coordination.

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  • Tax Law
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Taxation, Public Policy and the US Legislative Process