Thomas Azzara

Tax consultant at Big Horn Managers, Ltd. Bahamas

About Thomas

Need good advice for your international operations? Hire us.
Need planning that really works to fend off the IRS?
I have 23 years experience.
We form offshore company and foreign trusts.
Over 1,130 offshore companies since 1995.
We can win with FATCA, because we know US Tax Code.
Holding companies based in tax havens make great estate tax planning vehicles.
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Thomas Azzara
Overseas agent - Anguilla registrar (since 2001)
Company Formations/Trusts
54 Sandyport Drive
P.O. Box CB 11552
Nassau Bahamas
1 242 327 7359
Fax/phone: (242) 327-7359

Areas of practice

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Law
  • Wealth Management
  • Company Formation


Offshore in Bahamas since 1990

Incorporations and tax avoidance / IRS compliance

I am interested in the following jurisdictions

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Tom Azzara

Overseas agent / Anguilla Registrar / Since 2001

SEC Registered Investment Advisor / Since 2009

Stock analyst

Nassau, Bahamas

1 242 327 7359

1 242 359 0202 (cell)

1030 Bahamian companies since 1990, 360 Anguilla companies since 2001, Offshore since 1990.

Education / Training

Ohio State University

Plainview HS (4 time Gold medalist in State Championship meet)

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25 years company incorporation services and trust drafting

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