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CompassTAX provides Canada US cross-border, international assignment planning and tax compliance services for Canadian multi-national corporations and their global employees. 

CompassTAX coaches and facilitates multi-national companies seeking informational and process support about international assignment planning. 

As Calgary’s premier international assignment planning expert, CompassTAX navigates international assignment planning by conducting situational needs analysis, evaluating project liability, crafting policies and procedures, documenting immigration requirements, facilitating Canada Revenue Agency submissions, and, coaching individuals through the international assignment planning process. 

By providing comprehensive international assignment planning services and clarifying contractual, legal and tax expectations, CompassTAX works with your company to evaluate project liability and reduce the likelihood of unexpected financial and employment repercussions. 

CompassTAX products, services and personalized support enable individuals responsible for international assignment planning to remain focused and productive in their daily tasks by reducing the anxiety sometimes existing in conjunction with international assignment planning.