Jul 201708:00 BST

Current Trends in Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financial Terrorism

Current Trends in Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financial Terrorism
Find out more about current trends in anti-money laundering (AML) and counter financial terrorism (CFT).

Questions answered included:

  • How is information technology helping money laundering?
  • What is Know Your Client (KYC) and how should this be best implemented?
  • How can we have official AML rules to ensure the world is clean without stifling business transactions?
  • What are the changes brought about in the EU's Fourth AML Directive?
  • And plenty more!

Our panellists were:

  • Hon. Roy Cullen, P.C., C.A., Senior Public Policy Consultant, Canada
  • Dr. Nicholas Ryder, Professor in Financial Crime, UWE Bristol, UK
  • Stefan D. Cassella, Asset Forfeiture Law LLC, USA
  • Marios Siathas, General Manager, European Institute of Management & Finance (EIMF)

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