Mar 201809:00 BST

Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership Throughout the Globe

Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership Throughout the Globe
Join our Friday, March 9th webinar on what's happening in terms of the disclosure of beneficial ownership throughout the world.

Share Your Beneficial Ownership Questions

Some of the main questions to be covered during our March 9th event include:

  • Which jurisdictions have established registries of beneficial ownership and how successful have they been in providing greater transparency?
  • Which jurisdictions are moving forward with the creation of registries of beneficial ownership? What sort of challenges have they met?
  • What is being done to ensure that those who make beneficial ownership declarations are held accountable should such disclosures prove to be false or misleading?
  • In Hong Kong, the registry of significant controllers is only available for inspection by law enforcement officers and not the public. Do you agree with this arrangement?
  • And plenty more!

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