Sep 201708:30 BST

An Introduction to Citizenship by Investment Programs

An Introduction to Citizenship by Investment Programs
Find out more about international Citizenship by Investment (CIB) programs and all they have to offer.

Questions answered included:

  • Who is seeking second citizenship and what are they key motivations?
  • Given that more and more jurisdictions offer citizenship through investment, how should investors decide which jurisdiction suit them?
  • What is required to keep high standards within the CBI industry?
  • How important is due diligence to the CBI industry?
  • And plenty more!

Our panelists were:

  • Laszlo Kiss, Managing Director, Discus Holdings Ltd, Malta  
  • Micha-Rose Emmett, CEO, CS Global Partners, UK
  • Bruno L'Ecuyer, CEO, Investment Migration Council, Switzerland
  • Vasiliki Petrou, Corporate Lawyer, Meridian Trust - Corporate & Fiduciary Services, Cyprus

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