Apr 201607:00 BST

Management Challenges & Opportunities for the Banking & Consulting Sector

Management Challenges & Opportunities for the Banking & Consulting Sector
In this webinar organized in collaboration with Eltoma Corporate Services, find out more about the management challenges & opportunities for the banking & consulting sector in 2016.

Topics discussed included:

  • Top 5 management challenges for consulting firms and banks in 2016.
  • Top 5 important management decisions in 2016.
  • Cutting personnel costs without dismissals in times of crisis: Do we need to restructure the business or temporarily revise working hours?
  • What type of performance measurement is the most efficient for your company? Do you use a balanced scorecard tool in your organisation?
  • And more!

Our panelists were:

  • Pamela Miller, Head of the Cyprus Unit, Eltoma Corporate Services, Cyprus
  • Mger Parunakyan, Managing Partner and GM, KPi Soft Ltd., Russia
  • Philip Ammerman, Founder, Navigator Consulting Group, Cyprus
  • Marios Siathas, General Manager, EIMF, Cyprus

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