May 201707:00 BST

An Introduction to European Non-Dom Tax Regimes

An Introduction to European Non-Dom Tax Regimes
Find out more about non-dom tax regimes in Europe, specifically those in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and Italy.

Questions covered included:

  • What is a non-dom? How is it defined in your jurisdiction?
  • When is an individual considered to have a domicile in your jurisdiction?
  • Overall, what are the main benefits and drawbacks of being a non-dom?
  • What tax charges do non-doms face?
  • And plenty more!

Our panelists were:

  • Claudio Todesco, Chartered Accountant & Auditor, lawpartners Studio Legale e Tributario, Italy
  • Dmitry Zapol, International Tax Advisor & Partner, Interfis (IFS) Consultants, UK
  • Demis Ioannou, International Tax Advisor & Director, Taxatelier Ltd., Cyprus
  • João Gil Figueira, Country Manager, Lugna, Portugal
  • Laszlo Kiss, Managing Director, Discus Holdings Ltd., Malta

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