Nov 201509:00 BST

Understanding OECD's BEPS Project

Understanding OECD's BEPS Project
Find out more about the OECD’s initiative to tackle Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS).

Questions included:

  • How are different countries approaching BEPS? The UK, for instance, is quite a long way down the road in its thinking. At what stage in the process are other countries? What will the US do?
  • Germany has already strict comprehensive transfer pricing regulations. Nevertheless, there is a need for some adjustments of the regulations in Germany in order to comply with the recommendations of the OECD. What will Germany do?
  • One of the biggest impacts will be change to the model treaty. In the US, companies are used to dealing with “Limitation on Benefits” clauses. How will the world's tax authorities and non-US global companies deal with the headache-inducing LOB clause?
  • What’s the new guidance on intangibles and what might this mean for traditional offshore IP structures?
  • And lots more!

Our panelists were:

  • Stephen Alleway, Transfer Pricing Partner, Questro International, Switzerland
  • Benedetto de Francesco, Chartered Accountant and Legal Auditor, Italy
  • Michael Heckel, Heckel Consulting, Germany
  • Divya Ramaswamy, Senior Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters, UK
  • Heather Self, Partner (Non Lawyer), Pinsent Masons, UK
  • Ted Brooks, Lawyer, BrooksLaw PC, USA

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