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Why join
Why join taxlinked?

Because you can gain valuable new skills, get all the latest industry news and connect with your fellow experts in tax and law.


More people like you

Unlike some networking sites, taxlinked isn’t ‘one size fits all’.

It’s 100% dedicated to practitioners in international tax and law, so you can link up with like-minded professionals with exactly the same problems and priorities as you.

Value above all

Taxlinked is all about high-value, peer-to-peer networking between professional advisers.

To maintain our membership quality, we vet all new members to make sure they are established experts in their field.

Quality, not quantity

The value of a network isn’t the number of connections, but their quality.

We restrict membership by country, so you can maintain a close professional circle that still offers you valuable international connections.

Stay up to speed

We bring you all the news from the worlds of tax and law, so you’re always on top of the latest innovations, trends and insights in your profession.

Acquire new skills

Enhance your professional knowledge and skills with our exclusive conferences, plus online webinars and round tables.

Drop in to online events if you can, or just browse the materials later if you can’t.

All our events are CPD certified, so you gain a certificate or diploma to showcase your new knowledge.

Plus, gain access to our deep network of academics from universities such as Texas A&M, UWE Bristol, the University of Barcelona, King’s College London and City University London who are ready to offer you a counterpoint.

Build new relationships

Our conferences and social gatherings let you meet your fellow advisors, share valuable knowledge and explore opportunities to collaborate.

Ready to get started?

To join taxlinked and start enjoying all the benefits of membership, get in touch with us today.